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What is a Lead Page?

To prosper in today’s micro economy, it’s no longer enough to own a great URL, build a sweet website, then push, pull, or drag traffic to it through SEO, paid search and social, or fingers-crossed click-bait tactics. 

To prosper, you need to capture qualified leads and convert them to customers. That’s not easy.  

We were founded on conversion. Built our company on the same tools we offer to you.  

So when we say that Lead Pages are the single greatest tool to transform clicks into customers—we mean it.  

Because behind the click, is a potential customer.

Your hard-won web traffic is too precious to waste. What makes a Lead Page better than a regular web page or landing page? Simple, a Lead Page is optimized for conversion. It doesn’t just present information. It persuades, compels action: subscribe, download, purchase, convert, and come back for more.  

Because hope is not a marketing strategy. 

It’s not enough just to “be online” or wait for people to stumble across your static website. You need beauty and brains, art and science. You need a system you can trust, to attract visitors and transform web traffic into qualified leads and loyal (happy-to-recommend you) customers.  

Because ‘all you need’ is better than ‘all in one’.

Leadpages founded the ‘conversion’ conversion. We mastered it. We ran thousands of split tests, published millions of pages, captured millions more leads, and learned what works, what doesn’t, where, when, and why. All of that experience and knowledge is bundled into our builder and templates to ensure that the time, money, and sweat equity you poured into your business doesn’t go to waste or get passed by.  

The new generation of marketers needs marketing that hustles as hard as they do.

The new generation of marketers needs marketing that hustles as hard as they do.

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