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Make Great Facebook Ads

What should your ad say? What should it look like?  

Here’s what you need to know about making great Facebook ads that get clicks and conversions. 

Image Is Everything (Almost)

Your ad image needs to stop Facebook and Instagram users in their tracks as they’re scrolling through their news feed.  

The integrated Facebook Ads builder inside Leadpages will pull your ad image from your landing page’s primary image or Open Graph settings for a consistent visitor experience.  

Therefore, your landing page image should be compelling, yet realistic.  

In most cases, images with positive people having a great time outperform images that convey frustration or negativity.

Vibrant colors that contrast (but don’t conflict) with the standard Facebook blue help your ad stand out.  

Avoid including more text than 20% of the image, or you risk your ad showing less (or more expensively) than normal. 

Faster Facebook Ads

Create your next ad with confidence by watching this in-depth training, Facebook Ads Simplified. We've included best practices for ads specifically in the fourth chapter of the video. 

Experiment with Image Carousels

Inside your integrated Facebook Ads builder, you’re permitted up to five images for your ad. Each image can have its own short headline of 25 characters or less.  

Tell a story with a multi-image ad, using the sequence and headlines of these images to progress the viewer to want to click for more.  

Images within a carousel should contain a similar look and feel to the images you have on your landing page. And they should convey the benefits of your offer in a visual way. 

Write Your Text Like a Status Update

Facebook already indicates your post is an ad with a “Sponsored” text near the top. So the text at the top of your ad shouldn’t scream commercial.  

Instead, think of your initial text as a status update that you’d want your ideal customers and clients to engage with like an organic post.  

The integrated Facebook Ads builder will provide this text automatically based on the content of your landing page and your business page. Adjust it to create conversation and even higher conversions.  

Great ads will not only encourage clicks to your landing page, but also comments, shares, and reactions within Facebook. When you achieve these extra levels of engagement, your ad gets more visibility with less cost-per-click along the way.  

How do you get more ad engagement? Consider starting your ad with a “yes-seeking” question, and ending with a request for response.  

Experiment with Short vs. Long Copy

The top of your ad includes space for 90 characters. Additional text will result in a “... See More” link that will reveal the rest of the ad text.  

With short copy, you can get to the point and drive the click.  

However, with longer copy, you may be able to increase engagement and better qualify the viewer for your offer.  

Show Videos in Your Ads

Instead of relying on a static image (or five) to convey your message, use a video.  

Short (under 2 minutes), content-rich videos with a simple call-to-action can yield fantastic results.  

Showcase your personality, expertise, and relatability to your target audience. In addition to your message, focus on the quality of your lighting and audio to give the best first impression.  

A side benefit of video ads: video engagement (how much of a video users watched) can serve as another route to creating a quality Custom Audience for future ad campaigns.